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Matilda’s 15th birthday party tomorrow!

10 years ago / 10 comments

I know, this is a blog for dogs so why would I be writing about a cat’s birthday party? Well this one is super special because it’s a huge benefit for the North Shore …

Should mommy tell the lady not to leave her dog in the car?

10 years ago / 5 comments

If you’re super furry like me it’s hot no matter where you are, but in a car it gets hot really fast. A lot of people don’t know that heat stroke can happen in a car for a dog in as little as 10 MINUTES

Living with kitties

10 years ago / 4 comments

Dogs and cats aren’t known for being best friends, and that’s somewhat true in our household. I’m Jinx and I’m the older sister of Riley, Ripley and Prestley. With three dogs in our house …

Seattle Humane Society offers tips on noisy events and pets

10 years ago / 1 comments

It’s not only Fourth of July fireworks that scare pets. Lots of events have loud noises that can really freak us out. Seattle’s Humane Society sent us some great tips for our mommies and daddies to keep us calm when there’s scary things flying overhead…like the Blue Angels!

Wednesday is Baby Picture Day!

10 years ago / 1 comments

Here’s what I looked like the day they found me. Send us your baby pictures and we’ll post them on Wednesdays!

Want to write for Bart the Dumpster Dog?

10 years ago / 6 comments

Want to write for

Grooming tips from Riley

11 years ago / 0 comments

If you find yourself exploring the aisles of any big box pet store, you’ll find an endless number of pet care products. Tell someone who works there that you just got a new dog, and you may walk out with a cartload of items that you’re just not sure you’ll need or use. As a new pet owner, if you haven’t done your research, it’s hard to know what you actually need, versus what might come in handy depending upon your dog’s health and specific needs.

Adding a new dog to your home

11 years ago / 2 comments

Hi, I’m Prestley and I’m the third dog in my house. I couldn’t have a more loving home, but getting me was a careful decision that mommy and daddy made. Bringing me home, they …

Should you get more dogs?

11 years ago / 2 comments

Talk to pet lovers and you’ll find many of them just can’t help themselves; they keep bringing more animals home. This happened in my house. When mommy got me (Riley), it was just me and our cat, Jinx. Then before I was a year old, we got Roxie and when she passed away after only three months with us, Ripley joined our home. Prestley is now the latest addition and he makes the third dog under the age of three at home.

Introducing Riley, Ripley and Prestley!

11 years ago / 0 comments

In a home that contains far more pets than people, there are three small dogs all under 40lbs who couldn’t be more different. What they do have in common is their love for their family, each other and even their cat sister that they so love to terrify.