Introducing Riley, Ripley and Prestley!

In a home that contains far more pets than people, there are three small dogs all under 40lbs who couldn’t be more different. What they do have

in common is their love for their family, each other and even their cat sister that they so love to terrify. Riley, Ripley and Prestley are these three little dogs were talking about. You’ll be seeing a lot of them on here so it’s time you get acquainted with who they are and what they like –  and dislike. They might even reveal a few secrets about mom’s training struggles. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook too!

Riley the Puggle

I’m Riley and my mommy will tell you that I’m not easy, or at least I wasn’t for the first few years I was alive. Like all puggles I’m hyper. I also have what mommy says might be the only case of doggie anxiety and OCD in the world. I like to think that it’s just because I like my life the way it is and that time when I kept taking the new cushions off the couch mommy always likes to tell everyone? Well, don’t tell her, but it’s just that I don’t think they looked very good on the couch. I love to cuddle, eat, run, and if you leave something on the floor, even if it’s my toy, I will pull it apart. I’m the biggest and the oldest at 3 years old and about 35 lbs but my little brothers tend to pick on me. I just don’t like confrontation!

We're Riley and Ripley!

Ripley the Shih Tzu/King Charles Spaniel

I’m Ripley and Riley is right…sometimes we do like to bully him but only because he lets us. Want to know what my favorite thing is? Well, I love to wear clothes. Mommy said she wouldn’t ever dress up her dogs, but when I was a puppy she bought me a sweater and jacket, and I started to get upset when she took it off. Now I have a whole wardrobe of shirts, sweaters and coats. Except my new little brother Prestley keeps chewing them. I have a favorite ball, and I like to play fetch myself by rolling it off the couch and chasing it. I love to lick and never get it when mommy yells at me to stop…I just love her!

Prestley the Yorkie/Bichon

I’m Prestley and I’m the newest in the house. I’m so little that mommy and daddy have started calling me “Little” as a nickname. I look just like a yorkie and like that I get lots of attention when I’m in public. I have stairs to get up onto the couch and bed because mommy says she got tired of me barking for her elevator service. When I’m affectionate my ears pin back. Mommy says she’ll never spoil me like a little dog but I think I can work the system.

Hi I'm Prestley!
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