Matilda’s 15th birthday party tomorrow!

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Matilda’s 15th birthday party tomorrow!

Matilda at home at The Algonquin Hotel

I know, this is a blog for dogs so why would I be writing about a cat’s birthday party? Well this one is super special because it’s a huge benefit for the North Shore Animal League and that helps all pets!

NYC’s The Algonquin Hotel has a resident feline named Matilda.  Every year the property throws her an above-and-beyond birthday party as a way to help out the North Shore Animal League and hopefully find some animals a home during the charity’s on-site adoption that morning.  Anyone can go for a $25 donation to North Shore. This year’s event is being held tomorrow starting at 3PM with the adoption event and birthday party at 5PM.

PLUS every year at Matilda’s party there’s a cat fashion show. (For once they’re torturing the cats by dressing them up instead of US.) Meow Wear provides the clothes and John Fulton from Animal Planet is the MC.

Even if you aren’t in NYC tomorrow you can make a donation to the North Shore Animal League here. And if you do visit NYC soon with your furry companion, check out the “Friends of Matilda” deal. You get 20% off and we can get groomed, walked and taken care of like we deserve!!

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  • German Shepherd Dog Training10. Aug, 2010

    Funny you are talking about cats on a dog blog! Happy 15th birthday Matilda.

  • Kansas City Movers10. Aug, 2010

    There’s no party like a cat party. Thanks for the post.

    • bart10. Aug, 2010

      I beg to differ…we dogs have some pretty great parties!

  • Sports Archive11. Aug, 2010

    dog parties are awesome. we’re having it every weekend.

  • Angry Children13. Aug, 2010

    I love birthday parties for dogs. So much easier than children.

  • Toffy16. Aug, 2010

    I adore cats! Matilda is so beautiful! Happy Birthday I wish you long life)

  • Sovet26. Aug, 2010

    Interestingly, cats and dogs love these parties?)

  • Amulet28. Aug, 2010

    I’m so glad that nekotorohyh animals have owners that are so concerned about them)

    • Amulet28. Aug, 2010

      I’m so glad that some pet owners that are so concerned about them)

  • Stihi23. Sep, 2010

    Beautiful Matilda! Long life and happiness of the owners!

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