Grooming tips from Riley

If you find yourself exploring the aisles of any big box pet store, you’ll find an endless number of pet care products. Tell someone who works there that you just got a new dog, and you may walk out with a cartload of items that you’re just not sure you’ll need or use. As a new pet owner, if you haven’t done your research, it’s hard to know what you actually need, versus what might come in handy depending upon your dog’s health and specific needs.

Riley was the first dog in our family and since it had been a long time since we had cared for a dog, especially a puppy when we got him, he helped us navigate the waters and make decisions about our purchases. So what could be more fitting than having him provide some tips about the “should you’s” of pet care.

1. Should you start you puppy off with a toothbrush? Mommy bought me a toothbrush kit right away and chose the peanut butter flavor toothpaste since that’s my favorite treat. At first, she didn’t start brushing my teeth, but let me lick the paste from the brush so I was used to it. I just think having my teeth brushed tastes great, although I’m not always cooperative. Mommy says brushing my teeth will keep me healthy and that I’ll get more kisses if I don’t have doggy breath. So, I think this is one thing you should get your new puppy. The vet will say to brush our teeth at least once a week, but we have ours done about once a month when there is plaque visible and get bones and treats good for tooth cleaning in between. Some dental doggy kits even taste like beef or chicken. Yum!

2. Should you get an anti-shedding brush? Mommy has had sales people say that an anti-shedding brush would be good even for Prestley and Ripley who don’t shed. She has tried them and knows they can work on me, but with regular brushing I shed less anyways and mostly, it’s with changing seasons or when I’m stressed. If hair really bothers you, an anti-shedding brush can work but I don’t think it’s something you have to buy. Shedding all over the place isn’t something that will hurt your dog. Mommy says you might just want to save your money for a good vacuum instead.

3.Should you get ear cleaner? I know, you might not even know what I’m talking about, but this is one of those things that might end up in your cart that you think you won’t need. Well, it depends on your dog. I have floppy ears with not very much hair around them. I’m more likely to get ear infections and dirt in my ears. Mommy had never cleaned my ears until I went to get neutered and the vet discovered I had an infection. Now, we use it anytime I have a bath, which is about once every couple of months. They vet says it’s often enough for me but Ripley and Prestley never need it. But it if you have a dog with ears like mine!

4. Should you get a nail trimmer? Just like humans, our nails need to be trimmed regularly. If they start to curve over, it changes our posture and can cause damage to our feet. Walking on pavement can help keep them short, so how often you cut your dog’s nails can depend on different factors, but take a look at them and keep them short! So yes, you should get a nail trimmer or nail sander like PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer
and introduce it to your puppy right away. It will make it less scary when he’s big!


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