Should mommy tell the lady not to leave her dog in the car?

Mommy saw a lady leave her poodle in her van yesterday when it was 89 degrees outside. She was going to say something but the lady went back to her car about 10 minutes later. What do you think…should Mommy have said something right away?

A lot of people don’t know that heat stroke can happen in a car for a dog in as little as 10 MINUTES. On an 88 degree day, it will be 104 inside the car even with four windows cracked.  The Humane Society of the United States says NEVER leave a dog in the car even for  few minutes. We can get really sick really fast!

My Dog Is Cool

If you’re super furry like me it’s hot no matter where you are, but in a car it gets hot right away. Here’s a graph from to show you how hot it gets. They also have posters you can leave on the windshield if you see a dog in a car, and they tell you what to do if the dog looks sick!

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5 thoughts on “Should mommy tell the lady not to leave her dog in the car?”

  1. I have heard on the news at least twice this year about children dying in cars. I am sure that there are thoughtless people letting their dogs die in cars but you never hear about this on headline news. Some people are just so heartless. Dogs really suffer in the heat. I do not even take my Boston Terrier for a ride when it is really hot outside. She just can’t take it and I know that other dogs would too. So NEVER leave your dog in a parked car when outside temps exceed 75.

  2. Aww, its a awful thing to see.. I just read a story of Eleven-year-old Labrador blowing the horn of the car to get the attention of his owner. A lady takes her dog with her to ran an errand and comes back home, pulls in the driveway and forgets the poor dog in the car, after a hour home, while cleaning, she heard a horn blow, she stops cleaning to investigate but doesn’t see anyone so she went back inside to finish cleaning, after the second time she realizes its her dog trying to get her attention and see’s the Labrador in the drivers seat. Eleven-year-old Max is fine and health.. that’s one smart doggie! The best thing to do in summer months is leave your pet home and not in the car, even with the window down its still way to hot for it, like being in a oven…
    Great site!

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