Want to write for Bart the Dumpster Dog?

My mommy started this blog as a fun way to get news, tips, advice and commentary about all things dog…from our perspective! Oh yeah, there’s a kitty korner too if our feline friends want to join in.

We welcome all guest posts from dogs, cats, ferrets, any furry friend on a bunch of different topics. Maybe you want to tell your story of how you were rescued, or have advice on being less growly. Whatever it is, send my mommy your post and picture at waxmarketing at gmail dot com and she will post it and let you know when it’s up!

I hope you like the new blog!



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6 thoughts on “Want to write for Bart the Dumpster Dog?”

  1. Mommy says I can use her email since I don’t have one.. I know I’ve been messin’ with you guys.. I just don’t know why you would want me to tell my tales on this blog for DOGS when all you guys just bark at me.. you know, that doesn’t make me fell welcomed!


  2. Hello,
    Thanks so much for putting up this website – the more people who know about the plight of dumped dogs, the better! I am interested in a couple of things – I would like to write for your website (I have published several online articles as well as one for The Bark Magazine) and also, would you consider adding a link to mine? I will put yours on the C.A.R.E. website.

    Thanks and I’ll look forward to hearing from you,
    Debby Dobson, Founder
    C.A.R.E. – Canine Advocates for Rehabilitation and Education

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