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Is Bart ready for Botox?

6 years ago / 3 comments

We were at the University of Minnesota veterinary center this week with Duchess and I noticed they were doing a study using Botox on arthritic dogs.

Picking a good veterinarian

6 years ago / 1 comments

Here are some things that we think that all doggies and their families need to look for in a vet, and others that depend upon your personality.

Low cost spay/neuter programs

7 years ago / 1 comments

Spaying and neutering pets is one of the best ways to stop the overpopulation of animals. Many of them offer services at low cost. Here’s one in Minnesota.

Curing howlitosis

7 years ago / 2 comments

If your dog has howlitosis here are a few things Mommy says work really good.

June is Disaster Preparedness Month

7 years ago / 0 comments

Do you have a disaster plan for your pets too? Here is an disaster plan from the Humane Society of America that you can add to your family’s disaster preparedness plan.

Chiropractic care for dogs

7 years ago / 2 comments

By Jennifer Tilman Mobile grooming business owner, former veterinary technician Author of Grooming Tales from A to Z What is holistic care?  Holistic care is any form of medical care which uses organic means …

Watch out for uveitis

7 years ago / 0 comments

Last week Cosmo the lab got a condition called “uveitis” Mommy had never heard of it but it was quite a scare and not uncommon

Make it Fido’s best holiday ever

7 years ago / 4 comments

Expert Dog Behaviorist Jonathan Klein has successfully trained more than 6,000 dogs, and their owners, over his successful 22-year career. He is the founder of the West Los Angeles-based, personalized dog-training center I Said …

Why puppies may not make the best holiday gifts

7 years ago / 4 comments

The holidays can be a very stressful time for everyone. There are places to go and people to see and as anyone who has children knows, the energy level gets ramped up a bit. And none of these are conducive to bringing a puppy in to the home.

Healing Buddha with acupuncture

7 years ago / 0 comments

As part of my house call based acupuncture practice, California Pet Acupuncture & Wellness, Inc., I provide dry needle and electroacupuncture treatments to promote Buddha’s healing process. It has been truly amazing to see Buddha’s progress.