Is Bart ready for Botox?

We were at the University of Minnesota veterinary center this week with Duchess and I noticed they were doing a study using Botox on arthritic dogs. (She’s fine by the way…just a bit of gastroenteritis from murdering a baby mole in Colorado.) 

Apparently the study is actually to help prove the efficacy of using Botox for arthritic joints for humans..but I did find some really interesting studies on Botox for arthritic dogs that I thought I would share. Bart is not a candidate as his lameness is mainly in the knee, but I am going to pursue this for his hips. The studies for both humans and dogs look really promising!

BTW, if you are interested in the study at the U for your dog, they need to weigh more than 45 pounds and have a forelimb that is obviously much worse than the other. Sara Pracht, the study technician, is wonderful. Just give her a call at 612-626-3574 if you’re interested.


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3 thoughts on “Is Bart ready for Botox?”

  1. What an interesting article. I thought it was a joke to start with, but it seems to be based on sound research so should be taken seriously I presume. Probably a long time before dogs in the UK get the treatment
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  2. I am lucky that my dog is young and without such pains at the moment. I give him omega three and lots of varied meat in his diet. I hope that by the time he needs it that something like this botox therapy is fully refined, and not abused. Thanks for highlighting this unusual therapy.

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