More info about my doggy chiropractor visit

Bart and Dr. Kyla

I wrote about how great I felt on my Facebook page last Friday after my first visit to chiropractor Dr. Kyla Awes. Here’s a little more information because you all seemed so interested!

I have had trouble with my front elbow and left knee for a while, since I was a puppy really. The first vet thought I had a loose ligament and the U of M thought I had a torn meniscus last year. But I am often stiff and sore and sometimes I even limp for a while. Mommy didn’t want to do surgery or keep me on pills too long so she decided to try an animal chiropractor.

Dr. Kyla was first a human chiropractor but always wanted to work with animals, so she got certified as an animal chiropractor. The adjustment was very simple and I don’t “crack” like Mommy does. Dr. Kyla adjusted several vertebrae as well as my neck and my pelvis. You can see from the picture how good I feel after my adjustment! I didn’t cry or squirm, it just felt really really good. Dr. Kyla is really nice too, although she only gave out two treats. I think when it’s your first time you should get at least three treats.

I’ve been feeling really perky and peppy ever since and definitely have not been as stiff and sore. I’m schedule for two more treatments and then we’ll see how it goes.

If you’re interested in chiropractic care for your animal there is a lot of information on her website. Just go to You can also go to the website for the Animal Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) to find a therapist in your area. 

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6 thoughts on “More info about my doggy chiropractor visit”

  1. Do you know if there are different licensing bodies in different states for this, and how strong the regulatory body is for ensuring proper work is carried out? Recently I came across adverts for raki for dogs etc .. but I would like to go with more traditional medicine for my dog. Thanks!

  2. Nice post Bart. We dont seem to have dog chiropractors in the UK and if we did I would probably have to sell my cars and clothes just to send my dog Barney there. He could do with it though.

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