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Prepare Now for Summer Dog Dangers

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Summer is here and it’s finally time to thaw out from those paw-freezing months! We know you and your pup can’t wait to get out for fun in the sun. But, before you do …

4 Healthy Oils to Add to Your Dog’s Diet

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There is no doubt humans love taking healthy oils and supplements for their health, and it makes sense. Our diets are often low in good fats and high in bad ones, and this causes …

National Pet Diabetes Month: Important Facts about Diabetes

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November is National Pet Diabetes Month and in observance, Bart and friends want to share with you information that can help you understand and potentially identify diabetes in your pet. It may surprise you …

Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

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by Travis Brorsen For most of the United States, the weather is still approaching the hottest time of the year.  So it’s a great time to get outside and have some fun in the …

Dogs and Bees

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I’ve heard that Bart loves to play outside and roll in the grass. He’s not the only dog that does. Unfortunately, that can mean dogs have unwanted interactions with nature, including dogs and bees. …

Heartworm Prevention in Dogs

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Protect Their Hearts and Yours Heartworm disease is a fatal condition in dogs that can be caused by a single bite from an infected mosquito. Heartworms can affect dogs of any age or size—puppies, …

Animated film helps keep paws safe this winter

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Morton Salt has released a new animated short film — titled “Neighbors”— that demonstrates the benefits of pet-friendly ice melt through the story of two dogs, Lucy and George. The two lovable cartoon dogs live …

Interview with Petcurean Senior Nutritionist Dr. Jennifer Adolphe

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Dr. Jennifer Adolphe graduated with a Ph.D. in companion animal nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan. She previously completed a master’s degree in human nutrition and is a registered dietitian with the College of Dietitians …

5 great gifts for dogs

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Want to find great gifts for dogs? Today’s modern world shows how much our relationship with animals has changed, says animal chiropractic consultant Dr. Rod Block. “Back before the mechanical wonders of industrialization, we …

Vote for vaccination campaign

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At, pet owners can take a risk assessment
to find out what diseases their pet may be at risk for and how to protect against them.