Picking a good veterinarian

This week, Ripley, Paisley and I are heading out to try a new veterinarian. We’ve had the same vet for years and even when we’ve moved, mommy has driven us back to our old vet. Since we moved in March the vet is  too far away.  So the one we are going to visit is nice and close to home.

Here are some things that we think that all doggies and their families need to look for in a vet, and others that depend upon your personality.

  1. Availability We haven’t gotten the right feeling from vets that take weeks to give us an appointment. Sure there may be a wait for routine things, but it isn’t a good sign that they’ll have a same-day appointment available in a major or minor emergency.
  2. On-site surgical and diagnostic equipment Our previous vet was great but they were only a basic clinic. They were part of a bigger network and we were transported to other locations for increased services. This did make it harder for mommy and daddy to drive back and forth and visit one of us when testing is being done. It’s just easier to have it all in one place, in close proximity to home!
  3. Flexibility We like to get our heartworm medication online. With 4 pets in the house, saving money is essential so that there’s still room in our budget for bones, toys and clothes. We need a vet flexible enough to give us a prescription rather than sell the meds. We also like someone who will stop pushing their food on us since we stick to our preferred holistic brand.
  4. Bedside manner My brothers would be okay with just about any vet but with my anxiety, I’m a different story. I’ve had bad experiences with vets just trying to stab a needle into me without putting me at ease first and it always ends in frustration – mine and theirs!

Talking to the vet, mommy already knows that this new one will fit the bill. The rest will be determined when we visit. Until then, here is some great information about choosing a vet from the Humane Society.


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One thought on “Picking a good veterinarian”

  1. Our local vet has a waiting room that any human medical clinic would envy. We’ve tried others on recommendations, but we get the feeling we are in a barn or a converted old VFW hall and quickly walk out. And our lady vet has a high-pitched nasally voice that all the dogs just love! So, to recap: clean, people-quality waiting room; annoying voice.

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