Soccer ball that can withstand children & dogs! Huzzah!

Soccer Ball

With soccer season having just ended recently or just wrapping up, you are probably throwing out old soccer balls that have been destroyed.  Would you like to see a soccer ball that can withstand dogs and children?  Welcome the un-poppable One World Futbol, this is the last soccer ball that you will ever have to buy.

We all love our dogs but sometimes after soccer ball number 10 (in one season) has been deflated by your pooch, you may start looking for a better option.  The One World Futbol has been designed to withstand rugged terrain, harsh condition and has been field-tested by a pit bull, ball-obsessed hound dog and a goalkeeper’s dog.  Even Triton the soccer-playing lion in the Johannesburg Zoo couldn’t destroy this soccer ball.

With the holidays right around the corner, this would be a great holiday gift that will keep on giving all year round. They look light weight and come in 5 different colors at the moment.  The range in price from $25-44.50 USD.  What’s more is that this company is going to donate a ball every time one is purchased. The donated ball will go to organizations that help keep children playing worldwide. Who doesn’t feel good about that?

Soccer Ball
Uganda Children
Photo Credit: One World Futbol
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