Goodbye Flies – Subtle Fly Traps that Get the Job Done

fly traps

Summer might be winding down, but the bugs sure aren’t. Bugs like mosquitos and flies can carry dangerous diseases and pathogens, so it’s important to keep them away from your food and your family. For horses, flies can be a terrible problem annoying them or worse, causing nasty sores. Horses can even hurt themselves from stomping too much to get rid of the pests. Fly Spray can help but it’s not enough.

Recently DynaTrap offered to let us test some of their innovative new traps. Since we know horses have such a hard time with flies, we figured we would test them at our favorite schooling stable here in the Twin Cities. Owners Mark and Katie Ward set up two different fly traps on Windy Ridge Ranch in Woodbury, MN, one indoor and one barn trap. Here’s how they fared:

An insect trap for your living room:

fly traps
DynaTrap Flylight Insect Trap
fly traps
Flytrap in WWR Office

The first trap we set up was in the WRR’s Office. The DynaTrap Flylight Insect Trap might look like a soothing nightlight, but to insect’s, it’s a nightmare. It’s AtraktaGlo™ UV technology and the StickyTech™ lures bugs in and stops them in their tracks, without using any harmful pesticides or strange orders. It may be discreet, but it certainly gets the job done. Windy Ridge Ranch says it’s working great.

Click here to learn more this trap!

An insect trap for your barn (or yard if you don’t have a barn) 

fly traps
DynaTrap 1/2 Acre Insect Trap
WRR's Horse Barn Trap
WRR’s Horse Barn Trap

Horse barns are notorious fly magnets, so we decided to put DynaTrap’s 1/2 Acre Trap right in Windy Ridge Ranch’s barn. They said really took care of those flies!

As you can see, the trap is designed to fit right into your back porch decor. These fly traps pack a punch with a 3-way protection plan against bugs. It also doesn’t release any chemicals into the environment – safe for horses, dogs, and people!

Click here to check out this trap!

It looks like these traps are the perfect solution to keep your family from swatting this summer. And speaking of safety, learn some more ways to keep your furry friends safe all summer. Whether you’re on a horse ranch or in an apartment, have fun and bug-free rest of your summer.


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