Farewell, Beloved Bart

It is with incredible sadness that we inform you Bart the Dumpster Dog has passed away.

They say all dogs go to heaven, and we have no doubt for Bart this is true. As an ambassador for both rescue dogs and Rez dogs,  Bart’s light shined brightly on everyone he met, spreading the positive message of how meaningful it is to adopt a rescued dog. As a rescue himself – found in a dumpster as a puppy – Bart’s story has captivated and inspired many. Through this blog, Bart’s special appearances and social media Bart’s mom, Bonnie Harris of St. Paul, has shared his message as well as promoted education about dog health and the doggy lifestyle. In this way, Bart’s legacy will live on.


While Bart had an unforgettable personality and mischievous good looks that conspired to make him one-of-a-kind, the truth is as a rescue dog he was once one of many, many dogs in need of a loving furever home. Fortunately for Bart, his story had a happily ever after. But long after his passing, countless dogs around the world will be rescued and live in shelters waiting for someone to call them their own. We hope that you will never forget them and if you find yourself looking to expand your family with a new furry friend, that you will consider adopting a rescue or shelter dog. As your rescue dog showers you with unconditional love, eternal gratitude and unfailing loyalty, in time you will find yourself wondering “Who rescued whom?”.

Bart’s blog will continue in his memory with the same type and quality of content that has been published in his name since it began.

Everyone on Team Bart would like to extend their gratitude to Bart’s readers and social media followers for taking an interest in Bart, his tale and his adventures. By reading this blog or following Bart’s social accounts you have become a special part of Bart’s extended family. Bart’s passing has left us all shaken and sad, but your support and the love you’ve shown him over the years is comforting.

Bart’s mom would like to give special thanks to Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie’s who plucked Bart out of the dumpster on Red Lake Reservation and set him on his path toward a long, happy life, and to Pet Haven of Minnesota for bringing Bart to the Twin Cities where he and his mom found each other.

In celebration of Bart’s long and joyful 13 years of life, we encourage you to join us in making a donation in his name to one of these rescue organizations or one close to your own home. You can find rescues and shelters near you by searching your location on Petfinder.

We would also like to take a moment to introduce you to Bart’s brother and sister, who were not blood relatives but every bit his siblings just the same. Duchess, a Terrier mix and Jack, a Hound/Labrador are also grieving the loss of their brother and friend, but will continue to make appearances on this blog and social media carrying the torch for Rez dogs everywhere.

Duchess and Jack
Duchess and Jack

Farewell Bart. Although you are no longer with us, we know you will never truly be gone.

Bart the Dumpster Dog2005-2018
Bart the Dumpster Dog
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