Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets for Winter Months

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I have two small Pomeranian/Chihuahua mixes and live in Minnesota. Harsh winters and small dogs don’t always go hand in hand but thankfully we have dog jackets to help them through.  Recently I received a Loft Jacket by the makers Kurgo.  The first day we got it, our dogs were immediately excited by the jacket.  One of our dogs absolutely loves winter jackets and will wear it all the time but our other dog doesn’t prefer dog clothing.  So we put the Loft Jacket on the dog who loves doggie coats and she pranced all around the house in it. It slides easily over their head and Velcro attaches it on both sides of your dog’s underbelly.  It does have a nice quilted water resistant shell with reflective piping.  It also has a two way zipper on the top of it so you can attach a harness or thread a leash through.  Immediately after she was wearing the coat you could instantly feel the heat that was building underneath the coat.  Being an 11lb Pom-Chi, she loved the heat.  The jacket was also light weight which is nice, especially for small breeds like mine.

You can find these jackets on their website Kurgo.com for $30 USD and can choose from a few different color options. The size options are X-Small through X-Large.  Be forewarned though, that you will need to measure your dog to get a good quality fit.  They don’t just go by pounds to gage your size but instead base of neck size, chest size and length of back.  Their website does provide a size chart for you to see what and where to measure and what size your pooch will need which is helpful.  Measuring may seem extreme at first but once you receive your jacket and see how well it fits your dog, you would do it again in a heartbeat.  Overall, after trying this product out for a few days, I can see that it will be a good coat for our Pom-Chi for the upcoming winter months.

I received this item for free to write this review.  The words and opinions are mine.

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