Senior Pet Adoption Program Roundup

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Bart and his mom know that senior animals make great pets. Sadly, they’re often harder to place through traditional adoption programs and often require more care while in the animal shelter waiting for their forever home. Luckily for these special elder pets, there are programs across the country doing great work to help them find homes to live out their final days with love and compassion.

Young at Heart

This fabulous non-profit is dedicated to saving the lives of senior pets across the country. Each and every furry senior they rescue is from open-door shelters that euthanize for space. Their efforts reduce euthanasia rates and help senior pets find loving homes.

In addition to their adoption efforts, Young at Heart has a strong focus on community education and outreach aimed at keeping senior pets from ever entering the animal shelter. They provide pet food to low income families, education about senior pet care and network with other organizations to provide homes and care for senior pets.

Their long-term goal is to build a homestead that will act as a safe haven for senior pets that aren’t able to be placed in a loving home. To help them reach their goals or to learn more, please visit their website.

Muttville Dog Rescue

While Young at Heart cares for senior pets of any species, Muttville’s focus is exclusively senior dogs. The San Francisco based non-profit focuses locally on rescuing senior dogs and providing them with homes or hospice care. On a national and global level, Muttville provides education and support for senior dog caregivers.

In addition to networking to rehome displaced senior dogs, Muttville has their own cage-free shelter facility where they house newly rescued senior dogs while the search for their new home is underway. In addition to the great work helping San Francisco senior dogs, Muttville’s founder serves as an advisor to Bay Area elected officials regarding animal-related legislation.

Muttville’s long term goal is to change the way the public thinks about senior dogs and to create better lives for those senior pets. To learn more or to support their mission, please visit their website.

These are just two of many wonderful senior-pet-focused adoption programs around the country. The next time you’re looking for a new pet to love, consider adopting a senior furry friend.

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