Joey’s Home Senior Dog Rescue, Inc.

By Dana Larson

In most dog rescues and animal shelters, senior dogs are often overlooked for brand new puppies. However, senior dogs need just as much love, and are often a better choice for your household. Around the country there are many senior dog rescues that specialize in the care and placement of our older best friends.

Joey’s Home Senior Dog Rescue, Inc. is located in Terra Haute, Indiana. Owned and operated by Andrea Harmon who has been involved with animal shelters since 1998, Joey’s Home opened in May of 2008. Over the last two years, Joey’s Home has adopted out 15 middle-aged dogs, senior dogs and special needs dogs. The majority of their senior dogs are being welcomed into new homes of middle-aged or older single adults, or older couples who’s children have grown.

So how did Joey’s Home get its name? Joey, a six year old Beagle, came into Andrea’s humane society in 2000. In his short life, Joey was adopted by two families, suffered and recovered from two illnesses and started the Joey Fund, which helps pay for heartworm medication for sick dogs at the humane society. Joey found his final home with Andrea, and stayed with her through his final days. Joey touched many lives and helped many sick dogs, and would have loved having the senior dog rescue named after him. Joey’s Home was recently granted federal non-profit organization status. This makes them eligible for federal grants to continue caring for senior dogs.

You can learn more about Joey’s Home Senior Dog Rescue, including the dogs available for adoption, on their PetFinder website To contact the organization email them at joeys dot home at yahoo dot com.

Joey’s Home is now a federal non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status! This means that all  donations are tax deductible, AND the organization is eligible for many grants that can help us care for our seniors!

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3 thoughts on “Joey’s Home Senior Dog Rescue, Inc.”

  1. Really very amazing story that you shared with us and hopefully you will be sharing some more about it and we wish that people will look towards some elders ones to pick them up…….

  2. Hello,
    My name is Amy Hodge, I am the V.P. of A Critters Chance, we are a rescue organization in Indy that specializes in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Exotic Pet Rescue, I met you guys at the PAWS in the park event in Greenfield In last year, anyway I was wondering if you guys would like to have a booth at our fundraiser on August 27th, at Southeastway Park in Indianapolis, from 11-4pm, we would not charge a booth fee, and we have a tent you could use, but no tables, if you are interested, please call me Amy Hodge at 317-945-6154, or e-mail at, I can receive e-mails however I can not e-mail you back as this is my work e-mail address and I have no home e-mail, but I absolutely love what you guys do and we would love to have and help you guys.
    Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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