Adopt-a-Less Adoptable-Pet Week

Lots of dogs are hard to adopt. Big black labs and dogs with special problems, and senior dogs too – I had a bad leg that had to have a brace so people didn’t want me. has made September 19-25 “Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. Here are some reasons why these pets might be good for YOU.

* Older pets are mellower – you don’t have to worry about your lamp getting knocked over!
* Physically challenged pets are often unaffected by their handicap – but you still look like a hero!
* With “bad reputation” breeds, you get the chance to prove people wrong with your great dog!
* Dark-furred pets make it easy to accessorize – black goes with everything!
* Pets with behavioral issues allow you to form a tight bond as you overcome obstacles together!
* Big dogs are easier to find when it’s time to go to the vet!

Some pets are posted on for 1-2 YEARS. So next time you go to look for a pet keep an eye out for the ones that might have a harder time finding a home.

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7 thoughts on “Adopt-a-Less Adoptable-Pet Week”

  1. Hello Bart! Thanks for posting such an important blog today. As a current rescuer, foster mom and transporter among other things, I know the benefits of dog rescue, fostering, and just helping however one can for dogs and other animals in need! I just fostered a middle aged black dog that was in horrible circumstances. He’s come along way and now found his forever home!

    I would like to ask if you would help me promote a dog rescue fundraiser coming up on October 2nd in Minneapolis, MN. The Dog Rescue A Go-Go! It’s mission is to raise money and awareness for rescue dogs.

    Thanks Bart! You’re the best!

    Rosie and her crew
    Daisy, Ted, Sticky, Simba and Sammy the Foster 🙂

  2. You’re so right about BIG dogs being easier to find when it’s time to go to the V-E-T ;o) You’re right about all the other things too. Great post on an important topic!

  3. Yup.. great blog as it seems that these kind of pets especially dogs are neglected by many peoples due to the fact that they have some problems which is not that big and no body seems to take them to their homes. the important points you have told us will soon change peoples mind they would be think over again……..

  4. It is difficult, most people prefer to get a puppy. Many senior dogs remain un-adopted which is sad. I think the point is that everybody want to spend more years with their pet.

  5. It’s absolutely a superb blog on pet dog adoption. It is always a delight to read your posts as I learn a lot from your thoughtful insights. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the good work!

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