Book about Michael Vick’s dogs is now out

The wait is officially over: The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption by Jim Gorant, an in-depth look behind the scenes of the Michael Vick case and “where are they now” account of the dogs rescued from his property, hit bookshelves nationwide on September 16. More about the book on the ASPCA website

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2 thoughts on “Book about Michael Vick’s dogs is now out”

  1. It sounds like interesting book, a friend of mine have bought it from Amazon and I am planning to borrow it and read in my spare time. I love reading about dogs and other pets.

  2. Hoping that this interesting book will be in my hand very soon. As i love to read books about animals especially pets and the rescue ones are my favourite……… and after that we will discuss about the story…..

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