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dog-736511_1280There are plenty of aspects about living with our dogs that are easy and lovely. The long walks together, cuddles on the comfy chair and well-meaning sloppy kisses. But it’s not always that simple when your dog becomes ill. A common health condition experienced by many dogs – heartworm – can be potentially dangerous. Dog owners need to be aware of and informed on the topic of heartworms to be sure they can handle it properly.

Pets Best Pet Insurance has published an informative blog post, written by Dr. Marc Edward, covering answers to the top three questions about heartworms in dogs. Read “Top 3 Dog Heartworm Questions, Answered” on Pets Best Pet Insurance.

Some of the information covered includes the following.

  1. What are heartworms and how do dogs get them?
    Typically seen in dogs in the U.S., heartworm dog disease is transmitted by mosquitos. Any dog that is outside is susceptible to heartworm.
  2. What are the signs and symptoms of heartworm disease?There are a variety of symptoms that can surface, which are classified into one of four categories of symptom severity.
    Class 1: No clinical symptoms with the exception of a possible mild cough.
    Class 2: Coughing, fatigue, and weight loss.
    Class 3: Constant fatigue, persistent cough, difficulty breathing, liver problems and may be in congestive heart failure.
    Class 4: All of the previously mentioned symptoms and often liver failure, low blood pressure, shock, and death.
  3. How is heartworm prevented and treated?
    The disease can easily be prevented with a monthly prevention method. If a dog has been diagnosed with heartworm – the majority of the time, there is treatment available via injections or surgery.
Read more about this topic on Pets Best Pet Insurance and keep your dog safe.

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