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Monitor your pet’s health at home

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Summertime is made up of some of the best things in life – the outdoors, sweet treats and relaxing. Nothing beats summer – and it’s important that we’re all at our best in order …

Get informed on heartworm

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There are plenty of aspects about living with our dogs that are easy and lovely. The long walks together, cuddles on the comfy chair and well-meaning sloppy kisses. But it’s not always that simple …

Dog breeds and common health issues

9 years ago / 8 comments

Many dog breeds have congenital health issues. Small breeds commonly possess a tendency for weak knees. This can lead to painful injuries like torn ACL which requires surgery to repair. If one hind leg knee is injured at some point in the dog’s lifetime, odds are extremely high that the other hind leg knee will also suffer the same injury and require the same treatment eventually.