Dogs are veterans too

This photo is of Air Force Staff Sgt. Kathelene Mercado with Bartja the dog. (Another Bart!) 

Most people remember the human veterans of war, as they should. My mommy’s Dad served as a physician on the USS Repose during the Vietnam War. Her grandfather served in WWII. We always remember that dogs are war veterans on Memorial Day too. Many of them gave their lives willingly and lovingly to serve their country. If you’re interested in learning more about war dogs, here are some great resources to help celebrate these furry veterans today too.

War Dogs Pictures – ABC News Slideshow

The Dogs of War – National Geographic

A Memorial Day Tribute from Pedigree

YouTube – War Dogs in Vietnam (This is a great 1-hour movie. )

A YouTube Tribute to War Dogs (About 5 mins of GREAT photos.)

War Dogs Making It Home (Donate to help war dogs)


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