Dog walkers are better lovers

Well, that’s not what the study actually SAYS but you could assume that. If you’re in better shape you’re probably better at mattress dancing don’t you think? A new Michigan State University study showed that dog walkers were 34% more likely to meet federal benchmarks on physical activity. Also, the study showed that dog walkers were more likely to be active overall. We’re SO GOOD FOR YOU. Remember you can walk the dogs at your local animal shelter too. Who knows….you might meet the love of your life while doing a good deed!

Here’s the rest of the story at Science Daily – enjoy!

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One thought on “Dog walkers are better lovers”

  1. hey its probably gratuitous, to reply to this, but you are so right!

    Actually I think the fitness is mostly about getting them into the back of the car and separating the squabbles, the walking is actually a low aerobic snap. Anyway, thanks for mentioning the unsung heroes!

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