Does PediPaws really work?

Here at BTDD we decided to see how many of these TV products really work for dogs. Here’s our first product review – trust us, the company may send the product for free but we’re giving you the straight poop!

No dog likes to have their nails cut, especially not me! I used to have mine done with standard nail clippers but would squeal like I was about to be murdered (and really thought I was going to be) while my feet were grabbed at. The whole process took a long time, and mommy and I would both end up completely frustrated at each other, and my brothers would be all hyper from watching me struggle.  When the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer came out, we both thought it was a good idea to try it out..the dogs on the commercial looked like they were all relaxed like they were spending a day at the spa.

So what do we think about the PediPaws? Well, it’s a much better solution to typical nail clippers but it still isn’t my favorite thing in the world. For a dog like me who gets nervous being restrained, that does say a lot! Here are some points you should know if you’re thinking about PediPaws for your dog.

  1. Takes longer than nail clippers – the  sands down each nail one at a time so it takes a while. We often end up spending 30 seconds to a minute on each nail. Multiply that by 5 nails per foot and 4 feet and the whole process takes a while. But, since I’m not as difficult as with the clippers, mommy can sit down and relax. It’s not a bad idea to put on a movie when she’s doing all three of our claws!
  2. Nice, smooth nails – nail clippers can leave rough edges, so it’s best to file them down. With the PediPaws sanding them down, you end up with nice, smooth even nails.
  3. No cutting the quick – I fight like crazy when I’m having my nails cut and that means it’s a lot easier for mommy to cut the quick. I’ve had a sock tied to my foot on more than one occasion when it’s happened to stop the bleeding. With this you can get nice and close without worrying about cutting it especially on dogs that have dark nails.

Overall, we’d recommend the PediPaws , just don’t expect all dogs to love it as much as the ones on TV seem to and make sure you’ve got the time to do it! Dremmel has a similar tool that’s said to be a bit faster since it has a more powerful sander; we’ve never tried it and it would likely be too strong for Prestley’s little feet and nails. But, if you have, share your feedback with us on this, the PediPaws and other grooming things you like!

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