Choosing a doggy daycare

We’re lucky enough to stay at home every day since our mom has her office here, but we know lots of dogs that have to be on their own during the day when it’s time for their mommies and daddies to go to work. Some stay at home, but this doesn’t work very well for all of them because they can get bored when they’re not getting exercise or attention and they may destroy things or bark. For these dogs, there’s doggie daycare where they get to play all day and then come home and spend time with their families while feeling much more relaxed. We stay with someone who has a doggie daycare when mommy and daddy go on vacation, and then at night she takes us home to sleep in her bed.

When you’re going to be staying at a doggie daycare every day, you need to find one you’ll be comfortable. Your mommy and daddy will definitely try to assess to make sure they put you in a good place, but you can check things out for yourself, too! If the place looks good to you and you want to go back, be enthusiastic and your pet parents will know that the daycare meets your approval.

Here are some things all dogs should look for when choosing a doggie daycare:

1 . Visit first – make sure you go for a visit while your pet parents are still with you to each daycare so you can make sure that you’ll be happy there. Go play and visit with the dogs that go there to make sure that you’ll get along with them.

2. Make sure there are enough people to watch you – especially when you’re smaller like us, you never know if something could happen with a bigger dog. You want to make sure there are enough people at the doggie daycare to step in when you need them so you’re safe. Good doggie daycares have at least 1 staff member for every 10 dogs.

3. Check the layout of the daycare – some doggie daycares have separate areas so if you aren’t getting along with everyone there, they can put you somewhere else. When there’s a big, hyper dog at our doggie daycare, sometimes we go to a different part with Prestley so he’s not hurt when there’s a lot of playing. It’s important that there’s separate areas so playgroups can be put together of dogs who get along well! You don’t want to be stuck inside all day either, so make sure that they’ll bring you outside or take you for a walk for fresh air!

4. Know the schedule – when you go to doggie daycare, you want to play, play, play! That’s the priority, of course. But it’s also nice to have a little bit of quiet time, so be sure that mommy or daddy asks if you’ll get to have a nap so you’re energized to play even more!

5. Make sure they worry about health – you want your doggie daycare to take care of you if you get hurt or sick, but you also want them to help stop that from happening. They should make sure all the dogs there are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccines so you don’t catch anything while you’re there to have fun!

6. Get good references. Some daycares are better than others at introducing dogs and making sure nobody fights. Talk to other doggy parents and make sure you get good references.

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