Who rescued who?

Another happy tail from Petfinder.com!


Stephanie Levinson of Studio City, Calif., had hit a wall in her life. Her teaching career had been her focus for 10 years, but when she arrived home tired after a long day, she had little energy left to do more than play on her computer or watch television into the wee hours.

“I had little self-esteem (as I am a plus-size girl) and had lost interest in doing much,” she says.  Loneliness and depression assailed her. Someone suggested she get a dog.  She knew she needed to do something, so she took the advice, moved to a dog-friendly apartment, and began looking for a canine companion. “One night on T.V., I saw a show where the cast members had to go to Pet Orphans to volunteer,” she says.  Pet Orphans of Southern California is a private, nonprofit rescue group with a shelter in Van Nuys. Stephanie logged onto Petfinder.com, which features home pages and pet lists for over 13,000 animal welfare organizations. She clicked on the Pet Orphans’ pet list and began looking at the adoptable dogs listed there. She spotted some dachshund/beagle mixes and went to meet them.  “I was nervous and hesitant, as this would be my first dog,” she says. “I adopted this adorable reddish one and named her Kasey.”

A year has passed, and Kasey has changed Stephanie’s life.  “I take her to the dog park a lot and meet other people.  I use Kasey to help me lose weight and get in shape. She likes to walk, and I can’t make an excuse when I see her brown eyes.  I have lost 20 lbs. lately just from lots of walking with Kasey.  I also take her to agility classes and am more physical than ever.”  Her next goal is for Kasey to become a therapy dog.  In fact, Kasey already has been just that for Stephanie, whose car sports an apt bumper sticker: Who rescued Who?

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  1. When are are talking about rescue operations, I would like to share something. This is a true story. Once my mother was saved by our little pug from adult pit bull. This little fat creature just jumped on the head of the beast and bite his ear.

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