Dear Santa

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Dear Santa

I get a stocking every year from my Grandma. Sometimes I get wrapped boxes just for ripping apart too! Mommy says I’m becoming a doggy diva and maybe that’s true. But I know for the really pampered pooch, not any present will do. Here’s MY list of really cool presents for the dog who likes to sleep comfy and cozy at night (while waiting for Santa!)

Pet-zzz-pad is snuggly!

The new Pet-zzz-pad heats a bed to the vet recommended 102 degrees as soon as my paws hit the pad. I would LOVE this since I’m always trying to move in on mom’s heating pad. Plus I’ll stay off the furniture and quit hogging the bed. And it molds to my body and starts when I lean on it. I’m a leaner so this works well. I just wish it would rub my butt too.  (They’re at  Petco )

Doggy thermal long johns

This next one is for Cosmo, who doesn’t have a lot of hair! Mommy keeps the temperature down in the house and sometimes it gets cold so these  Long John Thermal Large Dog Pajamas are perfect for him! The big ones are only about $15 too.

Last but not least who doesn’t go camping with their humans? It’s important to sleep well after a long day of hiking and pooping in the woods. I want a Coleman Hibernation Dog Sleeping Bag, Large so I won’t have to try to get into Mommy’s sleeping bag anymore. (She says I’m too big unless we do the double one.)

Here's my new sleeping bag!

Santa, this isn’t all I want. I’ll send you another letter next Wednesday with the TOYS I want!!

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