Beau’s Work

This story from Petfinder is about a rescue group that’s right in my backyard!

Beau the gorgeous Lab

When a senior citizen facility contacted Paws for a Cause in New Brighton, Minn., about adopting a dog they saw on Petfinder, the staff did its usual screening.  They visited the center to see if it was a suitable placement, and then they brought Beau out for a visit.

“Beau’s tail started wagging from the moment he walked in the door,” says Heidi Harden, shelter administrator.

The folks at Paws for a Cause were delighted to hear it was a match.  The Labrador Retriever had been relinquished when his family decided they were too busy to take care of him, and prospects for adoption weren’t great for a 10-year-old pooch.

Beau’s “first ride on an elevator was taken with grace and bashful aplomb,” Heidi says. “Now he waits at the elevator door when he hears the chime; he loves his rides … He assigned himself a job on his very first night there and now accompanies the night med nurse on her rounds.  He takes this very seriously.”

All in all, Heidi says, Beau now has “more friends than he can wag a tail at,” and he’s no longer homeless and has found a job.

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