Poo power gets messy sometimes

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Poo power gets messy sometimes

From Modern Dog’s Newsbite l September 22, 2010
Poop Power
Poo-turned-power project gets a bit messy

Matthew Mazzotta, a 33-year-old Cambridge, MA artist, is working on a project to convert dog waste into usable energy. The amount of usable energy generated by the project is modest, but that’s not the point. Matthew hopes to nudge people into thinking about their energy consumption, where it comes from, and the potential of what’s wasted. But execution, as Adam Ragusea reports for WBUR’s Radio Boston, “has proven more difficult — and more messy — than Matthew could have possibly imagined.” Read the rest of the article here.

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  • Carl23. Sep, 2010

    May be the project is new, but this idea appears for long time. Actually I think there was a movie related to this. Generally every pet waste can be used for energy.

  • Reptile Heat Lamp24. Sep, 2010

    This post is a load of S*#£ LOL, seriously though it’s a good idea anyhow. I know some farmers use cow waste to power their farms.

  • Puppy La Pu29. Sep, 2010

    I think the idea is of great importance and we should instead of making fun help him out to make his idea workable. So that in the end we all could get benefit out of it.

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