Senior Dogs Find the Love They Deserve at Silver Muzzle Cottage

silver muzzle cottage

At Silver Muzzle Cottage dog hospice in Michigan, their mission is simple: give senior dogs the love they deserve so that when they leave this life, they know that they mattered to someone. It’s a beautiful sentiment they’ve turned into an active rescue for dogs with 3 or less years to live. To date they’ve rescued 93 senior dogs. From caring for the ill among the aging pack to taking the dogs to visit human seniors in nursing homes, to simply giving a warm lap and loving touch to these dogs – who ask very little in life apart from being loved – Silver Muzzle Cottage works to combat senior dog homelessness and make a difference in the lives of the dogs they save.

Take a minute to watch this touching 60 second documentary from 60 Second Docs about Silver Muzzle Cottage and visit their website to learn more about what they do.

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