6 Must-Haves for the Fall Adventure Dog

With the changing season comes the desire to update our wardrobes, and Fido’s too! It’s important to make sure your dog has everything he or she needs to protect them from the cold weather…and maybe even spoil them a bit just in time for the holiday season! These 6 products will give you some ideas of necessities for cold-weather dogs, and a couple of fun ideas for a holiday treat or special occasion.

1. Dog Jacket


It’s important to make sure that our dogs are protected from the cold weather. You wouldn’t go outside when it’s cold without a jacket, and your pup shouldn’t either! Finding a high quality, insulated dog jacked is important to their health and safety. It’s a bonus if you can find a jacket that’s also wind and water proof, like this one from Kurgo! You’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog will stay warm and protected from the elements, and your dog will be happy being able to be outside with you even in the coldest of weather.

2. Dog Pants 


If jackets for dogs exist, it only makes sense that pants would too! Dog pants are designed to keep your dog’s legs clean and dry from the rain and mud. If your dog is adventurous and likes to go tromping through puddles, dog pants like these from Muddy Mutts might be a good idea! They fit to your dog’s legs and faster around their back to ensure they stay on even through the muddies of play sessions.

3. Gorgeous New Collar


If your pup has been extra good during your Summer adventures, spoil him or her with a beautiful luxurious collar, like these ones from Bella & Beau! Bella & Beau offers leather collars that you can truly make your own with their 200 hand polished silver charms that attach to the collar. You can showcase your pup’s name, adoption date, and unique personality and find a charm for every adventure you go on together! A collar that serves as a memory bracelet for your pup’s life? We’ll take one!

4. You Guessed It… Dog Shoes


Well we’ve already covered the legs and torsos, we might as well round it out with our pup’s feet! These dog booties from Ultra Paws will help protect your dog’s precious paws from snow, ice, rain or rough terrain. They’re designed to go on easily, but they won’t slip off and will continually protect your dog’s feet during your fall or winter excursions!

5. Cozy Bed


Your good boy or good girl is going to need a soft, warm place to lay when you finish your fall adventure. Beds like this Super Snoozer from Soggy Doggy are made from chenille fibers, which are soft on your pup’s fur, but each fiber also absorbs water and locks it in to keep them dry and free from bacteria (while also fighting odor!!).  And if it does get dirty, just toss the cover in the washer! Your pup will sleep happy on a luxurious bed and will be ready to go on your next adventure after his or her nap!

6. Bandana


Bandanas are a quick and easy way to easily spruce up your adventure dog’s appearance for a holiday or special event! Etsy is a great place to get bandanas for every occasion. If your dog is more of a girly-girl, opt for a bow instead. Posh Puppy Boutique is a great one-stop-shop for any kind of bow or bandana that your dog could ever want or need.

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