The New Canine Field Medicine Book

With over 25 years of expertise in wilderness first aid for humans and now pets, Adventure® Medical Kits introduces Canine Field Medicine: First Aid for Your Active Dog written by Dr. Sid Gustafson, DVM. Whether you are at home or in a remote location far from veterinary care, this book should accompany you and your dog wherever you travel.

The guide is available as a stand-alone book and is also available within the Adventure® Dog Series Workin’ Dog™ Medical kit. The manual provides expert guidance on how to monitor a dog’s key vital signs, administer first aid and address common canine troubles.

If you’re looking for a full dog medical emergency kit The Workin’Dog Kit  is a one-stop- solution for keeping your companion safe. The kit contains the information and veterinarian-grade supplies you need to deal with serious emergencies. Key components of the kit include the Canine Field Medicine Book plus a Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket to treat shock and hypothermia, an LED headlamp for hands-free illumination, an emergency leash, an emergency cold pack for sprains, strains and heat exposure, and a self-adhering elastic bandage that won’t stick to a dog’s hair. For serious cuts and wounds, the kit comes with hydrogen peroxide and 20 CC irrigation syringe for effectively cleaning wounds, as well as QuikClot Gauze and hemostat forceps to stop bleeding fast. The kit even includes a disposable skin stapler to close serious wounds out in the field when you are far from medical care.

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