Monitor your pet’s health at home

Summertime is made up of some of the best things in life – the outdoors, sweet treats and relaxing. Nothing beats summer – and it’s important that we’re all at our best in order to enjoy it! With your smart phone helping you in your day-to-day life more and more, wouldn’t it be easy if it helped you make sure your pet was healthy and ready to help you enjoy the sun?

Enter Petnostics.

Regular trips to the vet are still important and necessary – but in-between, you can now use Petnostics to check in on your pet health on your smart phone in order to stay informed. This new mobile app helps you collect health information at home so you save yourself from worrying. The app features a a user-friendly design and the ability to have multiple pet profiles; You can scan for possible common illnesses and ailments (including dehydration from all that sun), as well as keep track of any changes in health.

You can download the newest version of the app through the Apple App Store and is compatible with all iOS devices.

With the knowledge of your pet’s health at your fingertips – summer is sure to be a breeze!

Learn more about the Petnostics app and stay safe this summer.

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