Weight Management for Senior Dogs

Sometimes we pamper our pets a little too much. With rescue dogs, we can overdo the treats to try to make up for their rough starts. And some of us treat ourselves a lot, so naturally we tend to indulge our pets’ hearty appetites, too. This can lead to overweight and potentially unhealthy dogs.

As a Petcurean ambassadog, Bart understands the need for a little weight management. He likes Fit + Free™ from Petcurean’s Go!™ line. He’s lost a few pounds and is as active and healthy as ever, so he’ll show the effects of aging slower than dog that carries extra weight.

When dogs weigh too much, their hearts, joints and bodily systems suffer the same way as humans’ do. The extra weight can be especially hard on older dogs whose bodies might not work as efficiently as they did when they were pups. The best dog food for overweight senior dogs is one designed with an aging dog’s specific needs in mind.

Dog news about weight management usually focuses on avoiding people food and getting plenty of exercise. But all the dog training and walks that a younger dog would enjoy might be overdoing it for an older dog that’s too heavy. And a dog that’s used to eating a certain amount of food will likely continue doing so, even if his activity level has dropped. Properly formulated senior dog food offers the same level of fullness and satisfaction with fewer calories to help your dog reach and maintain a healthy weight. That will lead to a dog that enjoys being more active naturally.

The proper food for weight management may be especially important for rescue dogs who could have gone hungry before finding a forever home. An owner may overfeed, and the dog that has learned to eat when food is available will eat as much as possible to avoid going hungry, triggering weight gain. While careful feeding and dog training can help regulate this kind of behavior, giving a food designed for weight management is an easy, painless solution to the problem of pudgy pets.

Engaged pet owners want the best of everything for their dogs, from the best dog food to the most effective dog training. Some recent dog news from Packaged Facts, a market research company, says that pet owners who already choose health-conscious, organic and natural products might think they don’t need a new choice for older dogs. And many people, particularly those who take in rescue dogs, often have several pets and are resistant to purchasing more than one type of dog food.

But the needs of older and younger dogs are different, and while it may be good to stay with one particular brand, choosing one like Petcurean that offers several different formulas for different needs is one way to make buying the best dog food easier.

If you’re concerned about natural food for your dog, news is good. There are more choices than ever in organic, grain-free, GMO-free, wholesome dog food as well as formulas perfect for those pets with a bit of a paunch. Petcurean offers several varieties designed for senior dogs that all promote weight management and offer proper nutrition. You can download a coupon for a free trial bag to help your dog shed some pounds.



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