C4 Belts Celebrate Best Friends Month in March

C4, an animal-friendly belt company is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society to prevent unnecessary euthanizations across the country during the month of March. The brand has launched a fundraising campaign titled “Save Our Furry Friends” to honor pets nationwide and raise funds for Best Friends Animal Society

For every belt sold, C4 will donate up to $14. To participate via social media, supporters can post a picture with their pet, wearing their new C4 belt and tag #C4BestFriends and C4 will donate an additional $1 to Best Friends Animal Society.

This year, C4 has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society as one of the four causes belt buyers can select. Best Friends is the country’s largest no-kill animal rescue organization and runs additional life saving programs across the country. They’ve successfully reduced the number of animals killed in shelters from 17 million per year in 1984 to about 4 million.

As part of this collaboration, C4 Belts is offering limited edition, pet inspired belts. By increasing awareness of pet rescue facilities’ needs, and providing some of the funds needed to achieve them, C4 Belts and Best Friends Animals Society hope to further lower the number of unnecessary euthanasias and help more furry and feathered friends connect with loving pet parents.

To learn more about C4 Belts, their mission, and their partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, visit their website: www.c4belts.com.

To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society, their mission, and other ways you can help, visit their website: www.bestfriends.org.

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