Vitamins essential for senior dogs

By Dana Larson

Nordic Naturals

If you’re a health-conscious person or one that just wants to live a long life, you probably take a daily multivitamin or other dietary supplement to provide additional health benefits. So what makes you think your senior dog doesn’t need them?

Now that your dog is getting older, she has new healthcare needs. Think about starting her on vitamins for senior dogs to help her stay healthy and happy. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post and find out how to win free samples too.)

Just as with humans, dog vitamins give additional nutrients to your canine pal that their dog food doesn’t provide. There are many different options for dog vitamins on the market, some include specific ingredients to benefit a certain part of the dog’s health, and some are general multivitamins for overall health improvements. gives a lot of great information on how vitamins can help your dog improve her health.

Nordic Naturals, provider of pure Omega oils, offers two options for pet vitamins. Their Omega-3 Pet soft gels give the benefits of  essential, omega-3 fatty acids to your pet in an easy-to-manage package, and their Pet Cod Liver Oil gives all the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamins A and D to support ongoing pet health.

Nordic Naturals fish oils improve the skin and coat quality of your senior dog quickly with regular use, making your senior dog beautiful as well as healthy. So, as long as you can handle the fishy breath they get when taking the oils, Nordic Naturals are a great option to improve the health and the quality of life for your dog.

And, in case you’d like to give Nordic Naturals a try for your furry friend, they are offering a giveaway. Nordic Naturals will give one bottle of their Omega-3 Pet soft gels and one bottle of their Pet Cod Liver Oil to the two comments that tell us why their dogs deserve the oils the most.

So, go ahead and let us know why you want to help your dog live a longer, healthier life in the comments below. Not only will your dog benefit from your love, but she may get some great help from Nordic Naturals as well.

Nordic Naturals kindly sent us free samples to try!

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5 thoughts on “Vitamins essential for senior dogs”

  1. Loved this reading and this very essential beside our own health we should take care of our dear pets and give them the prescribed vitamins they need to get the required nutrients. So that they could be able to live healthy and happy.

  2. I think not only for senior dog, but vitamins and supplements are very important for puppies. Every living organism needs food rich of vitamins and supplements.

  3. Although dog foods have become more nutritionally complete, they still do not supply 100% of the nutrients required by our pets. The use of a quality vitamin ensures your pet will remain happy and healthy.

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