VIP – Very Important Pet – Hotel

Dogs stay in high style at this hotel!

We love dog-friendly hotels, specially ones that have super pooper scooper concierges who pamper you! The EPIC Hotel in Miami sure looks like the grandest pet-friendly hotel ever. They don’t have any extra fees or deposits and even humongous dogs like me can visit. There’s a great park just 2 blocks away. This is where we’re gonna stay when I go on my pawtograph signing tour FOR SURE.

If you stay there, you have to register your pet but once that’s done you get lots of cool stuff like:

  • Restful accommodations in  luxury guestrooms
  • VIP (Very Important Pet) amenity delivered when  you get there
  • Your own new pet bowls and a pet bed
  • Dog leash and plastic bags for dog walks
  • Pet sitting, pet grooming, pet walking and pet massage

If you can’t bring us, they have a pet video you can watch if you miss us too much. And they have a Guppy Love Program so we can watch fish swim. You get a live goldfish for your room. (Probably not if you bring a cat though.)

I don’t know if they let you swim in the pool but I kind of doubt it.

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3 thoughts on “VIP – Very Important Pet – Hotel”

  1. That sounds fantastic, I am sure my pug dog Barney will enjoy to stay in this “mini” hotel. This is something absolutely unique offered to pet owners.

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