Looking for your next Rawhide Ranch House?

We got this release earlier this month. Check out these awesome doggy domains!

Victorian Doghouse

Sending Rover to the doghouse is no longer the punishment it once was because many of today’s pooches of panache live lifestyles of the woof and famous. According to a recent review of properties by Move, Inc., man’s best friend today receives more than just bones for treats as many homeowners are rewarding their dogs with custom-built doghouses, deluxe dog runs, custom “doggy-doors”, pet-friendly landscaping, private patios with personal fire hydrants, and other features that add value to their master’s property with many buyers.

“Pets have become important members of the family, and their needs are often high on the list of must-haves for many buyers, sometimes even higher than priorities of the two-legged members of the family,” says, Eileen Healy at Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors® in Colorado. “Calling out features or local pet-friendly amenities can make or break a buyer’s interest in a particular property. If a buyer knows a home they love already has features the family dog or pet will also love, they’ll be more inclined to give that home a second look and consider it more than others on their list.”

Heated Barn House

While proximity to dog parks, doggy day-care centers, or pet fashion stores are often priorities for dog owners interested in city properties, suburban properties generally have ample space for seemingly unusual pet-friendly features. For the sophisticated canines, a Victorian dog house that matches a $10,995,000 home listed on Realtor.com in California is a must see. If country living is for you and your ‘dawg’ needs a

Secluded doggy cottage

warm place to chill after a long day of sheepherding on the prairie, consider a heated doghouse with a deluxe dog run listed on Realtor.com at $520,000 in Idaho. Or, for pooches in need of alone time or a quiet space, there’s a secluded cottage on Realtor.com at $524,000 in Illinois.

While spaces customized to a dog’s specific needs are not uncommon according to Shari Guess, a Realtor with Buy Wise Real Estate in Texas and active member of the Great Dane Rescue of North Texas, many dog lovers do go the extra mile when it comes to creating a pet-friendly environment at home.

“We have one particularly enormous Dane named Sampson, and we couldn’t find a pet door big enough.  So we made our own out of a semi-truck mud flap. It’s a few years old now so we’ll be duplicating our efforts and replacing it soon,” said Guess. “We also put in a small outdoor patio so when it’s muddy Sampson and our other dogs can go outside for whatever reason and come back into the house without us having to wipe 16 muddy paws! It has a short three-foot fence, pea-gravel with fire hydrant and can be accessed via the dog door from the dog room.”

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2 thoughts on “Looking for your next Rawhide Ranch House?”

  1. Wow. 10 million dollars is absolutely ridiculous!! Who in their right mind would pay that much for a dog house? Some people just have too much money. Making your dog comfortable is one thing, but I can think of a ton of other ways to spend that 10 million. Thanks for the interesting post.

  2. A bit pricey, but really looks gorgeous. May be next weekend, I will build something similar for my dog, it will be about 5000 times cheaper.

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