Tracks, the little puppy that could

Recently we learned about Tracks, a 5 month old pup from Leech Lake Reservation that was found as a stray. Sadly, the pup could not walk no matter how hard she tried. Here’s the scoop from rescue organization Leech Lake Legacy: 

“Tracks was picked up by the Leech Lake Animal Control officer and was taken in by Leech Lake Legacy on Saturday, 3/23, during a spay/neuter and vaccination clinic being held up at Leech Lake. Tracks was laying flat and lifeless in her crate. She was checked out by the Kindest Cut staff and given fluids and tested for heartworm (she tested negative) after which she perked up a little and ate some delicious turkey lunch meat. Tracks, however, still could not walk and had to be carried around.

She is currently in a temporary foster home with Jenna and getting pampered and loved and carried around. We took her to the vet for additional testing and evaluation on Monday, 3/25. At this point we are unsure as to what is causing her inability to walk. She responded normally to neurological testing and the vet does not feel any broken bones. It is heart breaking to watch this sweet girl look at you in frustration as she wants to move towards you but is unable to walk.”

Leech Lake Legacy put out an appeal for donations and also for prayers and loving, healing energy to be sent to little Tracks. Here’s what happened the next morning!

If you would like to donate toward Tracks’ continuing rehabilitation click here. Find out more about the wonderful work of Leech Lake Legacy  by visiting them on Facebook or on their website at

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