The puppy apartment

216Puppies can be really hard to potty train, especially in colder climates. Most people use newspapers or pee pads to potty train their new friends. A new product, however, has hit the pet market to help puppies learn how to manage their business without soiling the home.  This indoor pet potty is basically a two part kennel that has one area for sleeping and resting and another for peeing and pooping.  The puppy can be kenneled without having to get up in the middle of the night every two hours.

The puppy apartment helps train the puppy to go potty in its own “indoor bathroom’. The puppy apartment includes an instructional DVD and customer service to help owners learn the potty training system.  The crate includes a patent pending room divider with an opening in the middle section. This allows the puppy to go into the “bathroom” and relieve himself without making a mistake in the sleeping area.

The puppy apartment is also less messy than a bunch of newspapers or pee pads. You won’t make the mistake of stepping on a wet paper again. Although it looks like a standard crate it really is a great update to kenneling your puppy.

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