Thinking about getting a small dog?

You won’t hear it from Ripley or I, but there are some cons of having a small dog, or so some might say.  While we’re cute and loveable, dogs like us may not be right for every single family. The fact that we’re so small is really what can make us a hit or miss choice! Technically, a small dog is classified as under 22lbs (categories both Ripley and I fit into)!

Cons of Having a Small Dog in Your Family:

  • We’re more fragile – you can teach your young children how to treat your animals, but kids can still be a little bit rough when they’re young. Small dogs like us can get hurt more easily if we’re dropped or sat on.
  • We have a greater tendency to be territorial – it’s not true of all small dogs, but many do have the Napoleon complex (Animal Planet has a great article on this . Ripley and I can both admit that at times we are territorial and protective of certain things. All dogs can be territorial, and it’s a trait that can be adjusted with training, we’re just more disposed to being bossy
  • We can’t keep up – if you take us out on all of your active family outings, you might have to be prepared to carry us. If you’re a really active family, we’d be happy to go with you wherever we go, just don’t expect us to pull our own weight.
  • We can be temperamental – it’s not true for Ripley, but toy dogs like me can be more “sensitive” to certain things like weather and that can affect housebreaking. You may find your tiny pup has more accidents in the house when the weather is bad.

Remember, not all small dogs are this way but small breeds can be challenging. Want to learn more about small dog temperament? Here’s some great information at

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One thought on “Thinking about getting a small dog?”

  1. Great tips – many people do not consider these types of things when choosing adding a small dog to the family.

    I think it is so important that people research the breed first before buying instead of choosing a dog over appearance.

    Many people for example may not realize they are getting a high energy breed when that doesn’t match their lifestyle. If they spend little time at home and are unable to mentally and physically exercise the dog it results in a bad situation for everyone.

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