Surfing Dogs & Vets with PTSD help disabled children catch waves

surf dog

surf dog

Surf dog Ricochet’s new Waves of Empowerment (WOE) program is about inspiring and empowering military with PTSD, kids with special needs and people with disabilities to help themselves by helping others. These are individuals that Ricochet has previously surfed or worked with, who are now volunteering to help the next wave of disabled surfers get on board with her. Surf dog Ricochet is one of five dogs who will be starring in the new IMAX film, Superpower Dogs. It’s an epic 3D live action movie that will bring extraordinary dogs to life on huge IMAX and giant screen theatres.

Every 65 minutes a veteran with PTSD takes their life by suicide. Through this unique model, where the helped become the helpers, we are committed to replacing suicidal ideation with a healthy perspective and meaning to life. There is tremendous healing that comes with giving back. The interactions in the water with Ricochet the surf dog, and on the beach cultivate renewed spirits and a sense of purpose for both the participants and volunteers.

If you are an active duty service member or veteran that would like to volunteer to help Ricochet be a surf dog with kids who have special needs, if you’d like to become a volunteer, or if you have a disability, PTSD or a child with special needs that would like to surf with Ricochet, please send an email to the organization here.

Surf dog Ricochet also has a PTSD Battle Buddy Initiative to educate the general public about the signs & symptoms of PTSD, combat stress, MST, TBI and other combat related injuries. We also educate about service dogs and emotional support dogs. 

In addition to our veteran and disabled volunteers, we are always looking for water men and women, photographers, videographers, cheerleaders and friends! Just send us an email if you’d like to volunteer in any capacity. 

surf dog
Six year old Sasha has autism. Kids with special needs typically have an adult supervising them at all times. But when they surf with Ricochet, it’s often the first time they’ve done something completely on their own, which can be very empowering for them.


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KLEENEX ALERT! Click the video below to see how surf dog Ricochet’s journey began. It has over 14 million views on YouTube and Facebook. Most people who watch are brought to tears of inspiration.

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