Barkville TV launches today

barkville TV

Who couldn’t use a laugh and tug on the heartstrings? Dog lovers this is for you!  Barkville TV is presenting dog lovers everywhere with a channel dedicated to  zany doggie entertainment and heartfelt dog stories. The new YouTube channel starring dogs will launch on October 19th with a mission to inspire adoptions and further the message of animal rescue.   Founder Olivia Barash created Barkville TV to provide entertainment but most importantly to save dogs. Barkville TV will give a portion of all proceeds to animal rescue organizations to support dog adoptions.

Barkville TV has three different web series:

  • Pup Culture – Hilarious parodies from TV Shows, movies or music videos.
  • Dogumentary – Heartwarming short documentaries about rescue dogs
  • Doggie Treats – Quirky dog centered animated shorts

Bart the Dumpster Dog was given a preview that didn’t disappoint. Pup Culture provided laughs with a rescue dog crew reenacting scenes from Mad Max.  Doggie Treats showed Dog Lovers some zany entertainment pieces.  Dogumentary is all about about rescue dogs like the adorable Elvis the Dog of Venice,  and the rascally Kombucha Dog.

What’s brilliant about Barkville TV is that all of the doggie actors are rescue dogs. After watching the Dogumentary channel, dog lover or not, happiness and a few tears will be guaranteed. Profound rescue dog stories like this makes it impossible to find yourself at the nearest pet rescue center.

Founder Barash has been a proud adopter of several rescue dogs through her life and she wants to inspire others to do the same.  If you want to watch feel good stories about dogs while being entertained by dog spoofs, Barkville TV is your go-to channel.

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