Purinas Incredible Dog Challenge delivers Gold

Incredible Dog Challenge
Incredible Dog Challenge
Photo Credit: Purina Pro Plan

Who doesn’t love pictures/videos of dogs doing incredible athletic feats? Purina had its 19th annual Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge National Final Event on October 1st where they delivered just that.  With the Incredible Dog Challenge, Purina wanted to give any incredible dog a platform to be able to show off their skills by featuring dogs of any age, breed and size doing Olympic type events.   This event took place at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, where dogs were seen doing high-flying disc routines, head-to-head weave pole racing, agility courses.  Everyone’s favorite course though has to be the dog diving  competition.  Dogs take a running leap off a 40 foot dock into a huge pool? Yes please!

Pro Plan also partnered with Misty May-Treanor (3 time Olympic Gold Medalist) to create Purina Pro Plan “Incredible Dog Science” video series.  These video series show us Misty May-Treanor competing with canine competitors to show us just how amazing and athletic our doggie friends can be.  They explore the science behind dogs agility, speed and power vs. one of the most amazing athletes, Misty May-Treanor.  Did you know that dog’s burn fat twice as quickly as humans do?  I know I didn’t.  You can find all of these fun facts and videos at Incredible Dog Science.


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