Tips for Wet Weather Walks

wet weather

Fall brings with it crisp beautiful days. But it also brings wet, dreary days. Dog owners like Bart’s mom know that their furry friends need to get out for a stretch and a bathroom break no matter what the weather. Walking your dog in the rain can be challenging as you try to keep yourself and your pet dry. Next time it’s raining, give these tips a shot.

Umbrella Hat

It might look silly in the photos, but wearing an umbrella hat will keep you dry and keep your hands free to hold onto your dog and clean up after him. This one opens with a pull cord and collapses small for easy storage. While other dog walkers are getting wet or struggling to hold their umbrella while juggling a dog leash and a pooper scooper, you’ll be strutting your stuff dry and with hands free.

Advanced Preparation

When your dog starts whining to go out for a walk on a rainy day, before you grab the leash and your cool new umbrella hat, set out towel to be waiting for you by the door. This way, when you get home you’ll be able to dry off your furry friend before removing the leash. This will help prevent the shake off resulting in water all over your floor, walls and furniture. Don’t forget to wipe paws too! Muddy, wet footprints are only cute for about five seconds.

Avoid the Splish-Splash

Without meaning to, passing cars often splash walkers and their dogs as they drive by them. This only adds to the wet and grime, but it’s easily avoided. When you see a car approaching, move off the road as far as you safely can and ask your dog to sit so that you’re both facing the road. If you’re carrying a flashlight, move it back and forth along the ground so the driver can see it without being blinded. The distance and visibility created will help you and your pup avoid any vehicle splashing.

What other tips and tricks do you use to make wet weather walks more enjoyable?


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