Packing your dog for summer vacations

These tips are from my friend Gisela Lowenstein.  Gisela is a cleaning and organizational expert who created the home cleaning DVD, The Glow System.

Your pet needs to be packed well along with the rest of the family when going on vacation. Here’s a list of things you should remember to bring with you:

– A list of the vets and 24 hour veterinary emergency rooms in the destination you will be traveling to.

– Extra leash and extra pet identification.

– List of places that sell your specific pet food in case you run out, this will prevent stomach problems especially when your dog might already be a little nervous from traveling.

– Plastic bowls for day trips.

– Bring prescriptions and extra medications, if needed.

– Pet crate or pet’s bed or both.

– Pooper scooper and plastic bags.

– Flash light for night walks.

Argentine-native Gisela Lowenstein has applied her years of knowledge and credentials in the hospitality industry to create The Glow System, the perfect home management solution that breaks down cleaning into easy-to-follow techniques.

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2 thoughts on “Packing your dog for summer vacations”

  1. I recommend only feeding your dog meat. this way on holidays you can also be assured that you will be able to get their brand of meat.

    also I suggest a flashing collar. its great to have a hand torch, but if they run off in the dark, it will stop them getting run over.

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