Is your dog a poop eater?

Thanks to Jennifer Tilman for another insightful tip on dog behavior and a possible solution to one of the harder problems to solve for dog owners.

Why does my dog eat poop?

A: Dogs eat poop because instinctively they are attempting to correct a nutritional imbalance or nutritional deficiency in their diet. Once that nutritional imbalance is corrected, the poop eating will cease. If your pet lives in a multiple animal household, the other dogs will also eat poop. Therefore, all dogs in a multiple dog household must be treated simultaneously. To stop this undesirable behavior, changing the dog’s diet to a better quality dog food is the first recommendation. Talk to your veterinarian for suggestions.

If changing the diet fails to work and the behavior persists, follow this recipe. (This recipe does not stop dogs from eating cat poop, however.) Get to your nearest health food grocery store (Whole Foods, for example) and purchase brewers yeast and plain yogurt. All you need are these two ingredients. Mix 1 Tablespoon brewers yeast and 1 Tablespoon plain yogurt together. Supplement your dog’s food with this mixture one meal a day for two weeks. Then diminish the frequency of the dosage. Supplement your dog’s food with the same mixture quantity only one to two times weekly for the next one to two weeks.

Jennifer Tilman
author of “Grooming Tales from A to Z”

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One thought on “Is your dog a poop eater?”

  1. My Greek rescue dog eats lots of poop and brings it into the house to present it to you. I will try this yeast and yoghurt recipe to see if it helps. Thanks. I will let you know how it worked.

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