Guinea pigs need furever homes too

Annie was the center of attention as a classroom pet, but when the school year ended, her glory days seemed over.  She was surrendered to Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue in Unionville, Ont.  Fortunately, Cassandra Jackson of Barrie, Ont., was looking for a friend for the family’s piggy, Spunk.

Cassandra filled out an application and then the family went to visit.  But there were many adoptable guinea pigs. How could they decide?  Fortunately they received expert advice from Caroline at the Rescue and adopted Annie.

It was advice well taken because the two piggies were soon best friends and followed each other everywhere.

Spunk has since passed away, so the Jacksons returned to Piggles to find a friend for Annie.  They adopted Jellybean, and later Lily.

Annie’s favorite activity is eating, and she knows that the crinkle of a bag means someone might be opening a bag of veggies. She begins to wheek. “All our piggies are exactly that – PIGGIES! They love carrots, lettuce, spinach, but most especially they LOVE cucumbers!” Cassandra says.

“Annie is definitely the sweetest of the group,” Cassandra says. “We just adore her.”  And no wonder: Annie is a class act.

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