Dog Product Trends from Global Pet Expo

Hear Doggy Toy makes silent squeaks

Global Pet Expo, the industry’s largest trade show, took place in Orlando last week. For pet lovers, it is no surprise that global pet spending has reached $70 billion according to GfK, and one third of that is in the U.S. As members of our family, their care is important, from nutrition and grooming, to comfort and entertainment. Our friends at Petcurean were there, and shared the following dog product trends with us.

  • High Tech Tracking: From activity trackers to communication devices, there are plenty of high-tech options for our furry friends – like the Voyce fitness tracker with mobile app, and PetChatz Videophone, which lets you video chat with and remote treat! Once a novelty, these items are becoming more mainstream.
  • Interactive Toys: Interactive toys are on the rise, and will make sure our pets stay entertained! This super fun automated ball thrower will keep Fido fit when home alone, and Hear Doggy Toys make squeaks that only your pet can hear, so you can stay sane.
  • Limited Ingredient Food Options: Healthy, high quality food continues to be a focus for manufacturers and pet lovers alike. And with food allergies in pets a growing concern (42 percent of consumers are worried their pet has a food allergy or intolerance), limited ingredient products are on the rise. Petcurean showcased is its GO! Limited Ingredient Diet SENSITIVITY + SHINE food, which offers a single source of meat protein (Duck, Salmon, Venison or Turkey for dogs) and as few, high-quality, premium ingredients as possible to meet the nutritional requirements for dogs and cats.
  • And of course there is always just the really whacky fun items, like the Humunga Bling Rock Star Teeth Shaped Ball Toy  – a top award winner at the show. Who could pass this up?

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