Morris the Cat on Grooming

Morris the Cat

Bart’s feline friend Morris the Cat is running a campaign to help humans learn grooming from their cats and help feed animals being cared for by the ASPCA. Through the Live Well & Prospurr project, Morris has video grooming tips for humans as well as super giveaways, like a spa day. Even better, just for Tweeting about the project, Morris and his human friends at 9 Lives will donate a bowl of food to ASPCA animals, up to 1 million bowls.

Bart’s mom doesn’t have cats, but Bart’s got four cat friends who teach their parents a lot about grooming. Kizzy has long, black fur requiring constant attention. She’s funny. She grooms loudly and frequently, at random intervals throughout the day, but doesn’t seem to accomplish a lot. Sometimes, she’ll stop mid-run to drop and groom. It makes her mom and dad laugh, but she always seems dirty anyway. Kizzy teaches mom and dad that grooming should be taken seriously to be effective.

Sox is a big boy. At least part Maine Coon with long fur, he’s quite dignified about his grooming. He’s particularly fastidious about his paws. Often, he’ll have mom or dad scratch his head and back while he furiously licks his paws. With all the fur between the pads, it’s no surprise they require extra attention. His other grooming needs are handled privately. From Sox, Mom and Dad learn that grooming doesn’t have to be a public event and that hand washing is important.

Sunny (short for Sunset) is one of two kittens in the family. She’s pretty fluffy and loves to have her belly rubbed while she purrs. Sunny also thinks cleaning her belly is great and will sit erect with her head down and groom her belly fur with great interest. She’s also very careful to clean her tail and more private areas. Mom and Dad wish she’d do that out of their sight and hearing. Sunny’s grooming habits teach Mom and Dad to respect other’s grooming habits.

Monkey is the other kitten. Her tail is like a fluffy Swiffer duster so she pays it special attention. She frequently flops down, puts her tail between her back legs, holds it down with her front paws, and cleans it with great care. She’s also quite careful to clean behind and in her ears. Monkey shows her mom and dad that you’re never too young to pay attention to personal hygiene.

Bart the Dumpster Dog and Morris the Cat are pretty impressed with these grooming skills. Morris would love to hear about your cat’s grooming and donate some more bowls of food to the ASPCA.

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